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American Independence essays

American Independence expositions There has been a great deal of things that prompted American Independence. Numerous things were finished by both the states and Great Britain that all developed to the Declaration of Independance and the Revolution. Financial aspects, religion, society, and government all had parts in the American Independence. Financial matters was a major issue with the pilgrims. The King of Britain gave numerous uncalled for charges on them. He burdened tea, stamps, and different things. The cash from the charges went into the King's pocket and he additionally utilized it to pay for the military, which is unjustifiable in light of the fact that a free people shouldn't need to pay for the British military in light of the fact that the King needs to compel the military on the pioneers. The pilgrims had no way out in whether they recieved help from the British military. England helped them and made them pay for it. Today, charges pay for the prosperity of the nation. It reserves the legislature and the military, which secures America's government assistance. Religion was a central explanation the pioneers came to America in any case. In Britain, they had no way out in religion, so they came to America where they are allowed to rehearse any religion they need. Despite the fact that Britain permitted them to come to America, it despite everything attempted to keep up practically unlimited authority over the provinces. The pilgrims appreciated numerous new opportunities in the American settlements, however Britain would not slacken it's hold on them. England wouldn't let them grow their provinces West of the Appalachian Mountains, and it forced numerous unjustifiable laws and follows up on the states. Inevitably, the vast majority of the homesteaders got tired of Britains injustice. A few pioneers, then again, prefered the existence that Britain offered them: no opporitunity, however positive cash. The individuals who contradicted Britain composed articles like Common Sense, to convince different settlers to revolt. Before long, Thomas Jefferson made the Declaration out of Independence and sent it to Britain. Today, America is a social... <!

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King Lear Essays (1107 words) - King Lear, Goneril, Regan, Cordelia

Lord Lear Lord lear Assignment English OAC Shakespeare's catastrophe King Lear is a point by point depiction of the results of limited's choices. This imaginary man is Lear, King of England, who's choices significantly adjust his life and the lives of people around him. As Lear bears the status of King he is, as one anticipates, a man of incredible force yet corruptly he gives up the entirety of this capacity to his little girls as a prize for their show of affection towards him. This troublesome surrender of his seat brings about a chain response of occasions that send him through an excursion of hellfire. Ruler Lear is a figurative depiction of one man's excursion through some serious hardship so as to appease his transgression. As the play opens one can very quickly observe that Lear starts to commit errors that will in the long run bring about his defeat. The absolute first words that he expresses in the play are :- ...Give me the guide there. Realize that we have isolated In three our realm, and 'tis our quick goal To shake all considerations and business from our age, Presenting them on more youthful qualities while we Unburdened slither to death... (Act I, Sc I, Ln 38-41) This gives the peruser the primary sign of Lear's goal to resign his seat. He goes on further to offer bits of his realm to his little girls as a type of remuneration to his trial of affection. Extraordinary adversaries in our most youthful little girl's adoration, Long in our court have made their passionate visit, What's more, here are to be replied. Let me know, my girls (Since now we will strip us both of rule, Enthusiasm of region, cares of state), Which of you will we say doth love us most? That we our biggest abundance may broaden where nature doth with merit challenge. (Act I, Sc I, Ln 47-53) This is the first and generally noteworthy of the numerous transgressions that he makes in this play. By resigning his seat to fuel his sense of self he is upsets the extraordinary chain of being which expresses that the King must not challenge the position that God has given him. This subverting of God's position brings about disorder that destroys Lear's reality. Leaving him, at long last, with nothing. Following this Lear starts to exile everyone around him that really care for him as at this stage he can't see past the cover that the malice wear. He ousts Kent, a dedicated hireling to Lear, and his most youthful what's more, beforehand most adored little girl Cordelia. This outcomes in Lear encircle himself with individuals who just wish to utilize him which leaves him truly helpless assault. This is correctly what occurs what's more, it is through this that he finds his wrongs and revises them. Following the submitting of his wrongdoings, Lear gets surrendered what's more, alienated from his realm which makes him free madness. While lost in his sorrow and self indulgence the idiot is acquainted with manage Lear back to the rational world and to help discover the lear that was ounce lost behind a hundred Knights yet now is out in the open what's more, terrified like a little kid. The way that Lear has now been pushed out from behind his Knights is drastically spoken to by him really being out on the gardens of his stronghold. The unnerved little kid that is currently unsheltered is significantly depicted by Lear's unexpected craziness and his fierceness and outrage is seen through the booming climate that is being experienced. The entirety of this adds to the enduring of Lear because of the gross sins that he has submitted. The apex of this hellfire that is experienced be Lear all together to reimburse his wrongdoings is toward the finish of the play when Cordelia is murdered. Lear says this before he himself kicks the bucket as he can't live without his little girl. Cry, yell, wail! O, you are men of stones. Had I your tongues and eyes, I'd use them so That paradise's vault should break. She's gone for ever! I know when one is dead, and when one lives. She's dead as earth. Loan me a mirror. On the off chance that that her breath will fog or stain the stone, Why, at that point she lives. (Act V, Sc iii, Ln 306-312) The entirety of this torment Lear endured is followed back to the single most significant mistake that he made. The decision to surrender his seat. This one sin has demonstrated to have monstrous repercussions upon Lear and the lives of everyone around him in the long run murdering practically those who were included. What's more, one is left to inquire one's self on the off chance that a solitary wrong turn can do this to Lear, at that point what troublesome corner lies ahead

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How to Learn How to Write an Essay? Step by Step Directions

How to Learn How to Write an Essay? Step by Step DirectionsIn the current world, knowing what to do and how to do it are two extremely important skills that every student should know in order to write a good essay. Most students will fail to complete their papers because they will not take the time to follow these steps to writing an essay. Here are the things you need to know about this crucial step in writing a paper.The first thing that you need to do is ask yourself a key question. What's the purpose of your paper? Is it a review of a previous year's class? Is it for college entrance exam? Or is it just to help you achieve some goal or as a personal statement?Once you have decided on the purpose of your essay, you need to decide how long it will be. Usually an essay consists of five chapters and a conclusion. Therefore, it will help if you will first think of a title that has three to four words and then compose an outline. This will help you organize the information that you hav e gathered for the essay.Once you have created the outline, the next thing that you need to do is create a rough draft. This will help you prevent skipping parts of the work. You can then take the rough draft to the school adviser or the tutor. He or she will give you suggestions on how to improve the project.You should then go back to the outline and add sentences for each paragraph. You can refer to your outline so that you can read it again. This will ensure that you have all the information that you need. In the end, you can publish the outline and proceed to the next steps to writing an essay.The last thing that you should do is create the body of the paper. You will need to use a suitable template in order to draw a proper and clear outline for the body of the paper. Since the outline will serve as a guide, the only thing that you need to do is to create the rest of the paper.The next thing that you should do is to write the central point and the major topics of the paper. It is very important to mention the main points because this will lead to the completion of the paper.Finally, you will need to write the conclusion and the final section. In this final section, you will need to summarize the main points and the main ideas. This will help you ensure that the essay is well written and able to impress your professor.

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5 Ways to Use Rest and Reflection to Make Learning Stick

Memory is sticky. Rest is good for learning. These are two of the most recent findings about learning from the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (October 2014) by Margaret Schlichting, a graduate student researcher, and Alison Preston, an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience. The study Memory Reactivation during Rest Supports Upcoming Learning of Related Content describes how the researchers gave participants given two learning tasks that required them to memorize different series of associated photo pairs. Between the tasks, participants could rest for several minutes and could think about anything they chose. Brain scans on participants who used that time to reflect on what they had learned earlier in the day did better on tests later. These participants also performed better with additional   information, even if the overlap pertaining to what they learned later was small. Weve shown for the first time that how the brain processes information during rest can improve future learning, said Preston, explaining that letting the brain wander to previous experiences helped solidify new learning. So how might educators use the information from this study? Educators who provide students the time to develop a secure grasp of content through rest and reflection give student brains an opportunity to increase synaptic transmission along the neural pathways that are tasked with a particular form of learning. Rest and reflection makes those transmissions connect to other background knowledge, and those connections become stronger, which means learning is more likely to stick.   For teachers wanting to take advantage of these findings in how brains work,   there are several different strategies to try that allow for reflections when new content is introduced: 1.Think-jot-pair-share: Give students several minutes to think about new learning beginning with the simplest question, â€Å"What do I already know about this new content and how can that help me better understand?† This is the â€Å"rest† period, so give students time to think first without writing.Give students time to reflect and jot down their responses   (doodle, map, outline, notes). This is the reflection period.Have students pair or group and share their responses with each other.Have each pair or group share out what they already know and how this knowledge might help them. 2. Reflective journaling: Reflective journaling is a practice where students are provided time to think deeply and write about a learning experience. This involves the student writing about: What happened (positive and negative);Why it happened, what it means, how successful it was;What the student (personally) learned from the experience. 3. Mindmapping: Give students time to think (rest period) as they use the powerful cognitive strategy that combines graphics and   spatial awareness have students start in the center of a piece of paper and use a central image that is connected to new learningHave students branch out in lines and add additional images that are related to the central imageMake the lines curved and encourage the use of color to make the mind map Limit the number of words to one per line 4. Exit Slip This strategy requires students reflect on what they have learned and express what or how they are thinking about the new information by answering a   prompt given by the teacher. Providing time for students to think first,this strategy is an easy way to incorporate writing into many different content areas.    Examples of exit slip prompts: The most important thing I learned today was†¦Summarizing what I learned in 20 words:I need help with†¦I would like to learn about†¦My   understanding of today’s topic from 1-10 is a ___ because,..... 5. The 3,2,1,bridge This routine can be introduced by having students do an initial 3, 2, 1 set of reflections individually on paper.    Before new content is introduced, students are asked to  write down 3 thoughts, 2 questions, and 1 compare or contrast statement on a topic that will be taught;After the topic is introduced, students complete another 3,2,1 3 thoughts, 2 questions, and 1 compare/contrast statement or analogy;  Students then share both their initial and new thinking and draw a bridge between the before new learning and after new learning. The share the bridge with other students. Whatever strategy is selected, educators that provide time for rest and reflection when new content is introduced are educators that allow students to use their prior knowledge or memories to make new learning stick.  Spending the time for reflection with any of these strategies when new material is introduced will mean that students will need less time for reteaching later.

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How to Bend and Draw Glass Tubing

Bending and drawing glass tubing is a handy skill for managing laboratory glassware. Here is how to do it. Note About Glass There are two main types of glass using in a lab: flint glass and borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass may carry a label (e.g., Pyrex). Flint glass typically is not labeled. You can bend and draw flint glass using just about any flame. Borosilicate glass, on the other hand, requires higher heat in order to soften so that you can manipulate it. If you have flint glass, try to use an alcohol burner, since too high of heat may cause your glass to melt too quickly to work it. If you have borosilicate glass, youll need a gas flame in order to work the glass. The glass wont bend or else will be very hard to bend in an alcohol flame. Bending Glass Tubing Hold the tubing horizontally in the hottest part of the flame. This is the blue part of a gas flame or just above the top of the inner cone of an alcohol flame. Your goal is to heat the section of glass you want to bend, plus about a centimeter on either side of this point. A flame spreader is helpful for a gas flame, but not absolutely necessary.Rotate the tubing to make certain it is heated evenly.​​As you heat and rotate the tubing, apply gentle and continuous pressure where you want it bent. Once you feel the glass start to yield, release the pressure.Heat the tubing a few seconds longer. It starts to bend under its own weight, you have overheated it!Remove the tubing from the heat and allow it to cool a couple of seconds.In a single motion, bend the slightly cooled glass to the desired angle. Hold it in that position until it hardens.Set the glass on a heat-resistant surface to allow it to completely cool. Do not set it on a cold, un-insulated surface, such as a st one lab bench, since this likely will cause it to crack or break! An oven mitt or hot pad works great. Drawing Glass Tubing Heat the tubing as if you were going to bend it. Place the section of glass to be drawn in the hottest part of the flame and rotate the glass to heat it evenly.Once the glass becomes pliable, remove it from heat and pull the two ends straight away from each other until the tubing reaches the desired thickness. One trick to avoid getting a bow or curve in the glass is to let gravity help you out. Hold the glass tubing vertical to draw it, either pulling up on it or else letting gravity pull it down for you.Allow the tubing to cool, then cut it and fire polish the sharp edges. Among other uses, this is a handy technique for making your own pipettes, especially if you find the ones you have on hand are either too big or too small to deliver the desired volume. Troubleshooting Here are some causes and fixes for common problems: Glass Wont Get Soft - This happens if the flame temperature is too low to heat the glass. The solution is to use a hotter fuel, such as gas.Glass Gets Too Soft, Too Fast - This is caused by using too high of heat. Back off on the length of time you put the glass in the heat, hold it further from the hottest part of the flame, or use a fuel source that burns with a cooler flame.Glass Has Bumps or Crimps - This can happen by bending the glass more than once or by letting it get too soft so that its weight starts to pull it down. The solution to this problem is experience and practice since there is a certain amount of art to knowing when to remove the glass from the flame to bend it or pull it. Just know that once you decide to bend/pull, its a one-time deal. If it doesnt work, its unlikely you can reheat the glass and get a better outcome.Glass Tubing Seals - If the inside of the tube seals, its because the glass got too hot. If you are bending the glass, remove it from the heat soone r. If you are pulling glass, let it cool a bit more before drawing it. Note that you may wish to purposely seal the glass. If you do, just heat the tubing in the flame, rotating it, until it seals shut.

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Is561 Week 2 Solution Essay - 1181 Words

Key IS561 – Week 2 iLab STEP 1: Working with Dictionary-Managed and Oracle-Managed Files (10 points) Scenario: As the DBA for your company, you have decided to install a new version of the Oracle Enterprise database to replace the current database version being used. The old database has become a constant headache and seems to be causing an overload on the disk drives I/O channels. Further analysis has also shown that two primary large tables are the main points of access. These tables are CUST_REC and ACCT_RECV tables. You also have a new server with three large-capacity disk drives: F, G, and H. Briefly, provide the following information. * Describe how you plan to rectify the I/O problem with the new Oracle10g†¦show more content†¦3. Parameters cannot have spaces in their name. All multi-word parameter names should contain underscores - 5 modifications ( db_block_size, db_domain, remote_login_passwordfile, db_name, instance_name ). 4. Altered the size of the db_block_size to be the standard 8K. 4K may be valid but the database would run more efficiently using 8K block s, which is the typical block size. 5. Added second control file to control_files entry. There should be a mimimum of two files. Ideally these files should be multiplexed over physically separated disk volumes to insure database recovery should a catastrophic event occur. 6. The parameter assignment â€Å"maxinstances = 2† was removed. The â€Å"maxinstances† parameter is valid in the CREATE DATABASE command but it doesn’t seem to be stored in the init.ora file. 7. The format of the Oracle version [number] in the compatible statement was adjusted. The number should consist of the 5 numerical components of a valid version of Oracle. I set this to but ideally this should be set to the most recent version of Oracle thats installed, e.g. if Oracle 10g is the latest installed version. 8. The db_name was minimized to just the database name. The full path, as listed, is really the db_unique_name which is used for making a globally unique nam e to a network of distributed database servers. 9. Quotation marks removed from db_domain value. (I don’t believe

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EARTHQUAKE Essay Example For Students

EARTHQUAKE Essay Eartquake has lived many country. Many peoplehave died this eatquake. The most important example, 17August in 1999 Turkey earthquake. The most effective ?stanbul,Avc?lar and Yalova in Turkey. What does improve thiseathquake before and after?What is the event about earthquake now?TURKEY AND EARTHQUAKEAfter earthquake 17 August was noth?ng old the same stilpeople have continued bitter.We have to live withearthquake.The l?fe and propecty lost to become 17 August and12 September ?n earthquake.It was Earthquake has been to knowevent a naturel people arent interested, ignorant reason changein fact a disaster. Other civilized countries take precautions. They haveknown very good a fact. They know healtier, than other people. Therefore A buildings very good are built by they along years. Turkey hasnt improvied. Eartquakes reason peopels make toearn more much for inadequate and not lasting buildings. Wecontrol to live our circumference new buildings. We readinessnew an earthquake. People Havent Turned Back Old Way Of Life After Many People Have BeenDisaster ?n The LifeTurkey lived disaster centurys in 17 August 1999. Earthquake pulled down night at 03.02 45 second 7.4 violencein Marmara. Later from earthquake;STRONG BU?LD?NGSStrong buildings first argue life world bank and ministryof public works was made buildings different between in reason. World Banks buildings small cause eartguake victim, reaction. Some company stopped construction because ; There waseconomic attack in Turkey. Peoplebuildings take delivery to be faced any withdeficient. PEOPLE HELP POSITIONThe unemployment increase, the company closed inTurkey. People begin to live unsuitable buildings.Turkishengineers collected inside and outside help 10 milliard dollars,but Yalova was given 1,5 milliard dollars by government. NOTH?NG ?SNT CHANGEEarthquake victim work percent 42.3 in 100 milliondoolars in marmara. Other result in research; The familys have at home measure percent 47 The familys tenant measure percent 42.2 The familys lodging measure percent 7.7 The familys apatman measure percent 61.7 The familys hause measure percent 29.7The investmen share got less budgets government. Healty,education, social, security etc. Restricted to do this departmentfor government. Earthquake people lived big problem. Thisproblem didnt give in buildings people. However self-criticism make Augusts anniversary thisgeography should make suitable building. We are honestopposite yourself, Therefore we become to protect our future.